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Survey systems for oil & gas well conductor installations.

CST2 Systems

BoreTECH Conductor Surveys.

BoreTECH International can carry out all of your conductor casing verticality and TOTCO surveys using BoreTECH’s purpose built Conductor Survey Tool (CST alignment system) and conventional EPOCH /TOTCO equipment.


The BoreTECH CST2 System.

BoreTECH surveying technology has added previously unavailable accuracy to conductor casing installations in an effort to offer our clients the opportunity and equipment to further increase their ability to grow their commitment to HSE and best practice for safer drilling operations.

The CST2 uses pneumatic systems to lock itself against the inside of the casing at set intervals being usually 2 or 5 meter increments.

The CST2 measures a 2 meter length of casing at a time, to determine any dog-leg sections and to build an accurate picture of deviation.

This system can accurately monitor the casing while utilising drill and drive installation methods.

BoreTECH’s CST determines the azimuth or direction angle of drift so can be used for calculations for collision avoidance.

For as-build surveys the CST can be deployed using a tripod, so a drilling rig is not required on site.


TOTCO System

EPOCH Drift Surveys During Conductor Drilling.

Epoch Straightshot inclinometer offers push button multiple surveys on demand - no waiting for a preset clock and up to 4-hour survey run time. Tool can be run inside the drill string via wireline for efficient rapid data retrieval.

Accurate electronic sensing system +/-0.2° and 0.01° resolution.

0 to 30° calibrated inclination range, survey results shown on printed ticket. EPOCH SS tool has greater depth capability and can record wellbore temperature up to 150°C

To improve accuracy BoreTECH have a number of seating rings and TOTCO centralises that can be inserted  into the BHA.

To improve accuracy BoreTECH have a number of seating rings and TOTCO centralises that can be inserted into the BHA.

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Providing crucial information to ensure your oil & gas well conductors are installed according to plan & safe for the next drilling phase